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We realise that this website is mostly about showing, show ring successes and the occasional litter bred but feel that it might be of interest to say a little about us, our views and our aims within this lovely breed.

As you can see from The Past and Dogs page we started in this lovely breed in the early 1980's coming from the working group, Border Collies, & owning working English Springer Spaniels for many years as we still do to this day. Although at times we have had to take a slight step back from the ring due to career or family commitments there has never been a time when a Whippet, or more, has not shared our lives since those early days.

We have both served on the Whippet Club of Wales committee & continue to support that club, and the others, today as & when we can. I have served, for a short time, on The South West Hound Club committee & feel that over the years we have both also served an 'apprenticeship' within this lovely breed.

I am very honoured to be able to award Challenge Certificates in Whippets & Rachel awarded her first Challenge Certificates in Whippets at South Wales Kennel Association 2012. 
I was also extremely lucky to be able to Judge Whippets with Green Stars in Ireland in 2011 and with CAC's in Sweden in 2012 and was delighted to be passed to award Challenge Certificates for Irish Wolfhounds in 2013.

We ended the detail of The Past and Dogs page with the emergence in our lives of Chelsea & Joe but without Tique, their dam & the generosity of Pauline & Tracey Hoare in letting us have Tique, and of course the many years of experienced breeding behind her, we would not be putting this on our website today.

From the Jazz litter Chelsea has produced a litter and we are highly delighted with the results of this mating between her & Peanut, Ch. Willingwisp Star Trooper. Although Maisie (was Sally Mally) appeared in the show ring for a time sadly on the break-up of the marriage this ceased but she is now very happily living with the Snell family . However Jessie Dove, who has now also produced a superb quality litter, still lives very near to us with Dotty parading her beauty around the scenic streets of Bath. Our lovely Joe is the only one of the dogs to produce puppies, which we are highly delighted with,
and all of the first Jazz litter have superb homes which is paramount to us.
We are very proud of Jessie Doves litter as they have lovely temperaments & are of super quality and are also winning extremely well in the show ring too. They can be seen on the Charuzian website, see our links page,
& one of this litter, Linnie, has now produced a superb litter for the Torber Kennel, owned by Robert Hooper,
by Alfie and they are now winning well in the show ring.

But due to the restrictions of space on our website it is not always easy to display all of the photographs sent to us but we always keep albums dedicated to each litter on file and this is a job now being passed to Jazmin,
my grand daughter & Rachels daughter, who relishes the task.

Prior to Chelsea's recent litter we had the Mr/Miz litter out of Tique by Scarletfair One Knight J.W SHcm & part of their current album can be seen via the link on the Past and Dogs page. Again we have been extremely lucky to find such loving homes for these youngsters & they too continue to thrive and give much pleasure to their new owners.

Our views and aims are to try to do the best we can for this lovely breed & we have, as many who really know us will be able to confirm, spent time and money researching and partaking in all aspects of the breed including health & welfare issues as well as what is the icing on the cake - showing.

But at the end of the day we are very aware that they are family pets first & foremost as their showing days, if they
go into the ring, are limited compared to their settee days.
We hope that we are seen as open to discussion with anyone on any issues of the breed but request that we are afforded the honour of being asked directly ourselves on our views or position on any subject matter concerning our own dogs or Whippets in general as we feel that this is the only way forward in any breed today.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website and we wish everyone the same happiness and fulfillment that we enjoy with our own Whippets, in and out of the show ring.


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